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Industry Solutions

We select equipment suitable for your needs
Discover our solutions to make the industry more productive.

  • Sectional Gate

    An aesthetic and safe solution for your garage. We have different types of sectional gates customized to your tastes and needs

    Sectional Gate 
  • Ceiling Motor

    Our selection of ceiling motors presents comfortable and safe solutions that guarantee the comfort of an automated gate and the safety of your space.

    Ceiling Motor 
  • Engine to Shaft

    Solution suitable for large gates and intensive use, common in a factory environment due to the variety of powers available, ease of manual use and the ergonomics of the control center

    Shaft Engine 
  • Dock Leveler

    Simple, agile and functional, it is the right solution for any loading dock. The hydraulic tipping mechanism and the folding lip allow you to adjust the distance between the loading docks and the truck bodies

    Dock Leveler 
  • Automatic Cancel

    Pier Shelters isolate the interior and exterior environment during the loading/unloading process, remaining leaning against the back of the vehicle isolating the temperature control involved

    Automatic Cancel 
  • Rolling Grid

    The ideal solution for intensive use and isolation of spaces with different environments and characteristics. Optimizing energy efficiency, the doors are practical and ideal for small, medium and large spans.

    Rolling Grid 
  • Automatic Cancel

    A functional and aesthetic solution to control public and private passages and access to stopping areas, even with heavy traffic

    Automatic Cancel 
  • Rolling Grid

    A solution that provides security and elegance with our customizable look solutions, made of steel or aluminum depending on your needs.

    Rolling Grid 
  • Automatic Glass Door

    A solution to optimize the energy efficiency, comfort and elegance of your facilities. We present solutions tailored to your needs

    Automatic Doors 
  • Fast Door

    Fire doors ensure the safety of facilities and people in the event of fires or uncontrolled fires. We present high quality and customized solutions

    Fast door 
  • Fire Curtain

    Fire curtains ensure the safety of facilities and people in the event of fires or uncontrolled fires. We deliver high quality solutions

    Fire Curtain