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Payment methods

  • CASH

    You can pay in cash at one of our stores up to the legal limit of 3,000 Euros for individuals residing in Portugal and 10,000 Euros for non-resident individuals. However, to facilitate change to our commercials, we suggest other payment methods (such as debit card).


    . In each of our stores, payment via Bank Card is available;
    . In each of our stores you can pay via Multibanco Card, VISA and Mastercard;
    . Payment via VISA and Mastercard available in our online store only for home deliveries;
    . Payment via American Express not available.

  • MB WAY

    . As MB WAY you can pay for your order using your mobile number associated with this service;
    . Orders with payment by MB WAY are automatically canceled if they are not paid after 5 minutes;
    . Payments via MB WAY do not need to send proof;
    . Payment via MB WAY only available for orders via the online store;


    . Payment by check will only be accepted up to a maximum amount of €150;
    . If you wish to pay more than €150 by check, the material will only be delivered upon receipt;
    . Confirmation of the charge amount may take up to 5 business days.


    . In any MULTIBANCO you can make a transfer to another bank account, belonging to a Financial Institution of the Portuguese Banking System.
    . You only need to use the NIB (Bank Identification Number) and the amount you want to transfer.

    . In Homebanking you can also enter the NIB, and the prefix PT50 may appear.

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