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Payment methods

  • CASH

    You can pay in cash at one of our stores up to the legal limit of 3,000 Euros for natural persons resident in the national territory and 10,000 Euros for non-resident natural persons. However, to make change easier for our salespeople, we suggest other payment methods (such as debit card).


    . In each of our stores we have payment via Bank Card available;
    . In each of our stores you can pay via ATM Card, VISA and Mastercard;
    . Payment via VISA and Mastercard available in our online store for home shipments only;
    . Payment via American Express not available.

  • MB WAY

    . With MB WAY you can pay for your order using your mobile phone number associated with this service;
    . Orders paid by MB WAY are automatically canceled if they are not paid after 5 minutes;
    . Payments via MB WAY do not require sending proof;
    . Payment via MB WAY only available for orders via the online store;


    . Payment by check will only be accepted up to a maximum value of €150;
    . If you wish to pay by check an amount exceeding €150, the material will only be delivered in good charge;
    . Confirming the charge amount may take up to 5 business days.


    . At any MULTIBANCO you can make a transfer to another bank account, belonging to a Financial Institution of the Portuguese Banking System.
    . You just need to use your NIB (Bank Identification Number) and the amount you want to transfer.

    . In Homebanking you can also enter the NIB, and the prefix PT50 may appear.

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